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Verlag Yalden The Boy Who Disappeared
A horror novella by Arthur Voris.
Cover and cover design idea by Paul Carrick
Language: English

      Jaden had always been a strange boy with strange interests. He loved to talk about other worlds, about the alien beings who live there, and about the possibility of communicating with them. Then, one night in November, he disappeared without a trace.
      Fabian has not been the same since his best friend´s disappearance. Now he is plagued by terrible dreams, and he is afraid of deep, dark shadows.
      In his dreams, Fabian is drawn to some distant location far away in the woods, surrounded by shadowy beings. Little does he know that soon enough, his dreams will become reality, and he will go on the same journey that his friend Jaden went on that cold November night.

The ideal target audience for this novella are teenagers aged 12 and over who are interested in atmospheric horror literature. The book is also well suited for all people who enjoy weird fiction and cosmic horror.

ISBN 978‑3‑9822689‑2‑7
E‑Book  Kindle

Format: Paperback (132mm × 193mm), 126 pages

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